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SubSea Decommissioning

The facilities and expertise available in Shetland make it an ideal provider of decommissioning and servicing for the subsea sector.

All the advantages offered by Lerwick Harbour as a location for major topsides, jackets or piece-small projects are equally relevant to the processing of redundant of subsea production facilities, namely:

  • RSA Authorisation to receive and process NORM wastes 
  • Proven capability
  • Licensed, operational decommissioning facilities
  • Environmental compliance
  • Proximity to many fields
  • Experienced contractors and skilled workforce
  • Local disposal routes and waste management expertise
  • An all-weather, 24-hour port
  • Sheltered very deep water for construction vessel mobilisation, lifts and support
  • Adaptability to handle large and small projects
  • Excellent shipping links with mainland
  • Evolving and expanding resources
  • Engineering & consultancy capability