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Lerwick Port Authority

 Lerwick Port Authority (LPA) is an independent Trust Port, providing the harbour facilities, infrastructure and services to enable and support the contracting parties involved in decommissioning projects.

Established by act of Parliament in 1877, it is an independent statutory body responsible for the management, maintenance, regulation and development of the harbour, operated commercially as a self-financing business.

It operates all the quays, which are common-user, giving flexibility for marine support, and provides support and assistance, as required, for decommissioning projects.

LPA’s commitment to quality and continuous improvement includes a fully integrated Management System linking the Environmental Standard BS EN ISO 14001: 2004 and BS EN ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Assurance System.

As a Trust Port, it reinvests all profits in harbour development. Recent investment has included a £12 million dredging project which increased capacity for the larger vessels now operating - including the latest oil-related construction/heavy lift and diving support vessels.

Existing berths at Lerwick give up to 9m of water depth at Greenhead Base and 12.5m water depth at Dales Voe.

LPA has identified new opportunities to create deep-water port infrastructure to accommodate the largest heavy-lift vessels. Concepts have been developed for quays at North Greenhead and Dales Voe, potentially offering 20 metres alongside, making Lerwick one of the few UK ports which would be able to offer this capability.

Website: http://www.lerwick-harbour.co.uk