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Facilities and Infrastructure

The base is fully-equipped to accommodate the full range of projects, from the largest structures and barges to smaller structures and subsea equipment. Our purpose built concrete pad covers approximately 20,000m2 and features:

  • Fully enclosed, all drains lead to a class 1 full retention interceptor.
  • Includes:
    • wash bay,
    • bunded storage,
    • quarantine area and
    • emergency stations

The facilities at the Greenhead Base make it ideal for onshore dismantling of offshore installations. We have:

  • Two sheltered concrete quaysides, north and south
  • Up to -9.0m ACD alongside
  • Ample laydown and storage areas available for project equipment, as well as for logistics support for offshore operations
  • Shipping access in all weathers, 24-hours-a-day 
  • Marine gas oil and water services points

The approach channel to the base was dredged to 120 metres wide and -9 metres ACD in 2008 (please refer to drawing) . The turning basin/manoeuvring area has been expanded to approximately 450 metres by 250 metres, increasing water depths a few metres from the quay face to -9 metres across all berths.

For further information on the facilities and infrastructure, please refer to the technical data section.


The infrastructure at the Greenhead Base has been upgraded to handle load-in operations, with the South quay’s central section strengthened for heavy lifts and capable of carrying the loads imposed by trailer load-ins, making it an ideal location for load-in of materials / modules.

Additional quayside infrastructure was installed to accommodate trailer load-ins at berth 3.

Quayside re-enforcement was installed at berth 3 to accommodate heavy linkspan loads and allow load-in direct into the decommissioning site. Additional 150 tonne mooring points were installed for load-in mooring of large cargo / launch barges.

Two new berths are to be constructed to the south of Greenhead Base where an area was dredged in 2008. They will provide 9 metres’ water depth and an additional 180 metres of quays, increasing the berthing capacity at Greenhead by a third. The design incorporates a heavy lift pad, capable of handling a 1,000 tonne lift.